How to backup WordPress to Dropbox

A Dropbox account is required to save WordPress backups to Dropbox. If you don't have one yet, you can find the instructions here.

Edit an existing job or create a new one. ( BackWPup → Jobs or BackWPup → Add new Job).
In the tab General go to the section Job Destinations and check the Backup to Dropbox box.

BackWPup - WordPress backup to Dropbox setting

A new tab appears called To: Dropbox, where you can configure the settings for Dropbox.

BackWPup - Dropbox settings

If the connection to Dropbox is not made yet, at the top of the page a red highlighted Not authenticated! will appear.
If you don't have an Dropbox account yet, you can get to the registration by clicking the Create Account button.
To authenticate, use one of the two buttons Get Dropbox App auth code or Get full Dropbox auth code. The first method will only create access to a certain folder ( Apps), while the second method will create access to the entire Dropbox account. We recommend that you use the limited App access.
Clicking one of the buttons will forward you to the Dropbox site, where you are asked to allow your site access to Dropbox. Click on Allow here.

BackWPup - Allow access to Dropbox for saving WordPress backup

On the next page, a code is displayed. Copy the code and paste it to the field next to the button you have clicked on before on the job settings page. Then click on Save changes at the bottom. BackWPup should now show you that it is successfully connected to Dropbox.

BackWPup - Dropbox code for authentication

BackWPup - Dropbox authenticated successfully

Now you can change or set the name at the Destination folder field where the backup files will be stored. If you have used the App authentification, this folder will be located under Apps/BackWPup.
The field File Deletion you can set the maximum number of backups, which will be stored in Dropbox. This saves you space on your Dropbox. If the maximum number is reached, the oldest backup will be deleted.
To check if the Dropbox setup is working correctly, start a backup job with Dropbox as job destination. If the job is done, you should see the backup file in your Dropbox.

BackWPup - Start a dropbox backup job

BackWPup - WordPress backup is now saved in your dropbox