How to send backups via email

A simple method to store backups is to send the backup archive to your email inbox. However, this only works for smaller backups, as sending emails with huge attachments is not supported by most of the e-mail providers.

Follow these steps to set up email as backup destination:

Edit the backup job: under the General tab, in the Job Destination section, check the box Backup sent via email

A new tab To: Email appears. Go to this tab. 


Here you can set:

  • To email address, where the backups are send to.
  • Maximum file size, of the backup file. If you don't want to limit it, enter 0. It is recommended to set a maximum file size, every email provider has different allowed attachment file sizes. If the backup archive exceeds this limit, the email will not be send.
  • From email address
  • From name
  • Sending method, where you can choose from:
    • Use WordPress settings - tries to use the email settings configured in WordPress, which may be altered by plugins.
    • PHP mail() - uses the PHP function mail(). This method needs a lot of memory and is not recommended.
    • Sendmail - uses Sendmail. This requires the Sendmail path, it is detected from the PHP configuration by default.
    • SMTP - sends the email directly via the SMTP server. Get the SMTP credentials and fill them into the fields.
Via the button Send test email you can check if everything is set up correctly.