File size cannot be retrieved. File might be too large...

If BackWPup displays the message

File size of “%s” cannot be retrieved. File might be too large and will not be added to queue.

then the backup folder contains a file that is too large for backing up.

Note: This error message points toward your server running with 32 bit PHP. Please upgrade PHP to the 64 bit version if possible. Contact your hosting provider for assistance. An upgrade to 64 bit should take care of the above problem.

With 32 bit PHP, files larger than 200 MB can cause a backup failure every time. Your other option – if you can’t upgrade to 64 bit PHP – is to either delete the file if it is no longer needed or to simply exclude it from the backup. 

To exclude a file from your backup, go to BackWPup → Jobs via the backend, select the relevant job and click the Files tab. There you will find various options for excluding files.

Important: The tab “Files” will only be visible if you have previously indicated a backup of the files in the tab “General”.

BackWPup exclude files from backup