Error: Cannot create folder

BackWPup writes files and directories to your webspace and requires specific rights to do so. Are these rights not assigned, then the following error message will be displayed:

Cannot create folder Parent directory/Subdirectory

whereby Subdirectory is the name of the directory to be created and Parent directory is the location where it will be created. 

This is how you solve the problem:


Log in to your webspace via FTP. You will need to install an FTP client, e.g. Filezilla. Your hosting provider will give you the access information you need (server address, user name and password). Filezilla displays the files on your PC on the left and the files on your webspace on the right of the screen.

BackWPup - Create folder on ftp

On the FTP server, you can now navigate to the parent directory mentioned in the error message and create the required subdirectory there. 


Click on the directory and right-click to open the context menu. The menu item File permissions is at the bottom of the list. 


A separate window opens, where you enter 777 in the field Numeric value. This value is not necessarily perfect, but it serves a quick fix and should be cleared with your hosting provider in the long term. We can't give you the exact value, as it depends on the settings of your server.

BackWPup Error - Set file permissions